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Investing in Short Term Luxury Rental Homes

The World's Most Desirable Addresses

The Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills area have long been

Home to the Rich & Famous.

From movie stars and rock stars, to pro-athletes and titans of industry, Hollywood and Beverly Hills are the glamour capital of the world.


With the world’s best weather, (over 300 days of sunshine per year and low humidity), a home in the Hollywood Hills is the ultimate reward.


Housing prices in the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills have historically outperformed most residential markets -- Worldwide.

Increasing more in up-markets   ~   Falling less in down markets

Marilyn Drive Beverly Hills

The Growth of the Short Term Rental Market

The Luxury, Short Term, Home Rental Market, in the Hollywood Hills, is among the World’s Most Robust.

Demand has, Historically and Consistently, Outstripped Supply.

And Demand has Increased in Recent Years, as New Disruptive Technologies have Enabled the Growth

of a Highly Desirable and Easily Booked, Alternative to Renting a Luxury Hotel Suite.

The PEAK   Hollywood Hills 

         The Perfect Storm


Limited geographical area of demand -- approx. 7 square miles.

Strong historical base of support from entertainment industry for filming and short term residential rentals.


Steady Increase in International Demand -- investors and families from Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe as well as the U.S.

      Airbnb, VRBO/Home Away and others have created 

efficient global e-commerce platforms and

increased market awareness and demand for short term rentals.

The Arbitrage

          A well-priced, well appointed and well marketed,

luxury short term rental home can average up to 20 rental or more

rental nights per month.

    TriCanyon homes generally recoup  all monthly carrying cost (mortgage, taxes, utilities, maintenance) in 9  to 11 rental nights 

per month... everything else is profit.

          Short term rental revenue can be double or more than that of a year-long lease and average 20% -30% annual, net,

cash return on investment...

...And still allow an investor/homeowner to have

ample time in the home to enjoy it.

And provide an ongoing capital appreciation opportunity.

         Olympus Villa   Hollywood Hills 

Hollywood Hills & Beverly Hills
Where  Value  Meets  Luxury  and  Location

Our Criteria for Selecting a

Hollywood Hills Luxury, ShortTerm Rental Investment Home


V and 5 P’s

   View               The Hollywood Hills view is

                           like waterfront property... 

                           Exclusivity, limited supply, and that 

                           view you never tire of enjoying.

   Proximity       Just minutes from the Sunset 

                           Strip and the best of L.A.’s 

                           restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

                           More than anything, proximity drives 

                           L.A. property value at the upper levels.

   Privacy          Owners and Renters of Luxury Estates

                           want Gated Properties with a yard

                           and pool that neighbors 

                           cannot see into.

  Pool                 With the L.A. weather and lifestyle,

                           a pool is a must have.

  Presence          The WOW Factor that makes you

                           want to live there... and everyone

                           admire your home.

 Price                We look for homes that are

                           well-priced to yield 20% - 30%

                           annual, net cash on cash, return on

                           investment (IRR) after all expenses,

                           and are well-positioned for capital


Doheny Estates, Hollywood Hills West

The Penthouse, Wilshire Corridor, Westwood

The PEAK   Hollywood Hills

Doheny Estates


Courtney, West Hollywood

TriCanyon Luxury

Finding Value in the Hills

Sunset Plaza Drive, Hollywood Hills West

Home prices in the Hills, with the criteria TriCanyon looks for, generally range from $700 per square foot to over $2,000

per sq. ft., depending on the neighborhood, land (views, location,

lot size and % flat) and the size and condition of the home.

New and fully renovated homes generally cost $1,200 per sq. ft. and up, depending on location, particularly if they have the

V and 5 Ps; Most homes priced over $2,000 per square foot have an exceptional amount of land (for the area), jetliner views,

and are larger than 8,000 square feet.

At TriCanyon, we believe there is excellent value in homes between 2,800 – 5,000 sq. ft. and  priced between $2 million - $4.5 million, costing $700 - $1,000 per sq. ft.

We like ugly ducklings... homes in good condition that need cosmetic work to look their best. These homes tend to sell for a discount to full value. With relatively little money in improvements, they can be made pristine. “Presence” is the easiest “P” to add or fix.

We like smaller homes, on great land, with room to grow…

 Home additions, with high-end finishes, can readily be built for $250 - $500 per sq. ft., creating a potential profit of $500 -$750 per sq. ft.

on the new space, in a neighborhood where renovated and new homes sell for $1,000 - $1,300 per sq. ft.

Doheny Estates, Hollywood Hills West

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